The Days of Climbing Piles are Over

With drones, highly accurate measurements can be made of multiple piles at once. Compared to other methods that rely on a relatively low number of survey points to try to represent a complex pile shape, txDroneCo produces more accurate volumes from real-world profiles, on a more frequent, timely and cost-effective basis, with greater safety in a live operations environment


keep your people off unstable and steep piles.


multiple pile measurements in minutes, without stopping work.


thousands of points of data, not just a handful and a guess.


fly the same mission with the same accuracy month after month.


Stockpile Report Example

stockpile measurments


informal, noun

1. The wrong way of doing things.

2. Not good enough.

Drones provide a better solution. When txDroneCo flies your stock piles, your safety risk goes down and your productivity and accuracy go way up.  Instead of basing the volume calculations off just a handful of data points, our flights produce hundreds of thousands of data points from which we can precisely determine the amount of material.  We are able to calculate both binned and piled volumes.

accurate stockpile measurement



the degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard.

Stockpile Measurement Accuracy. Multiple studies by various providers have compared the results of GPS-surveys of stockpiles with results from drone flights, When following best practices, drone measurements are within .06% of more costly and time-consuming GPS-surveys. With 

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