Topo Maps from Drones?

You Betcha!

Texas Drone Comapny (txDroneCo) can provide timely, accurate, and sensitive aerial elevations with astounding speed. Whether it's a flight to determine stock pile volumetrics, or a flight to determine fill needed for construction, drones are the solution. 

  • Stock Pile Volumetrics
  • Cut/Fill Maps
  • Topo Maps


Quickly drones are replacing antiquated methods of keeping track of your inventory. txDroneCo services industry leaders in their inventory counts and provides an aerial view of the site month after month.


Cut/Fill Maps

When working on a new site or existing, your team needs to know how much fill to bring in or take out. Maybe you need to accurately measure a surface over time. Our ability to fly the same mission again and again provides you with reliable and  accurate data faster than ever.


Topo Maps

txDroneCo can provide contour lines based on photogrammetry from drones. Why hire an expensive surveyor to know what kind of terrain you're dealing with? With a quick flight and our industry-leading processing, txDroneco delivers relevant contour lines and topo-view.  


Setting Ground Control

Utilizing a Trimble R8s GNSS receiver and a TSC3 data collector, we set pins and targets that are viewable from as high as 400'. Our drones then capture imagery and the points are identified in software thus "tying down" the ortho-map we generate to the surface of the earth. Most sites only require 4-8 GCPs for accurate mapping.

GCPs for drone work.JPG

*txDroneCo is not a licensed surveyor in the state of Texas. We don't make any claims as to the definite boundaries of property.