Sample Drone Data

Below you will find sample drone data-sets and their corresponding download links. Data-sets will have their file type(s) noted with a different link to each set. Some data-sets will be zipped files; these will be noted.


Stockpile Inventory Report


Sample Stockpile Inventory Report

Download the sample Stockpile Report by clicking below.


2D Illustrations


2D Orthomosaics (Maps)

Orthomosaics are like up-to-date detailed satellite maps. These can be viewed on their own or embedded in various types of software.

RGB (Real World Color)

Download Photo ~11mb (*.jpg)

Download GeoTiff (ArcGIS) ~56mb (*.tiff)

Download Map File (Google Earth) ~56mb (*.kml)



Elevation Heatmap

Download Photo ~4mb (*.jpg)

Download GeoTiff (ArcGIS) ~21mb (*.tiff)

Download Map File (Google Earth) ~13mb (*.kml)

3d Illustrations


3d Models

Our drones are able to produce 3-dimensional point clouds through the wonderment of photogrammetry. These files can be used for a myriad of purposes including; 3d Modeling, AutoCad Drawings, Densified Point Clouds, VR Applications, 3d Textured Mesh, Grid DSM, or Digital Modeling.

Download Densified Point Cloud ~800mb (*.las)

Download Disgital Surface Model (DSM) ~827mb (*.zip)

Download Object Model ~100mb (zipped *.obj)